Editing and Copyediting Services

I also offer editing for articles, blog posts and books. I prefer to have access to a digital file such as a Word Doc or even in an InDesign file to be able to provide you with tentative changes for your final approval before finalizing the changes. Utilizing a digital format makes the process much faster (and less costly for you.) I will also edit paper documents, but expect the fees to be higher. 

  • I charge $35 per hour. 
  • For book editing and copy editing,  I have a 3 hour minimum ($105). 
  • For articles and blog posts I have a 1 hour minimum ($35) and most will run between $35- $70. 

A 50% deposit is required (based on the quote) before I begin editing. The balance is due upon completion. I will always advise you well in advance if the cost is going to exceed the quote. 

To request a quote, please email me and provide as much information about your project as possible. We’ll discuss it further. 

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