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I have been a nurse for over forty years, and a writer for many more. My two passions are helping others and writing. When I can combine the two, it's pretty exciting for me.

For over three years I was the last Guide to Nursing at About.com which was part of The New York Times Company. It was a great opportunity to interact with nurses and those who are becoming nurses or thinking about a career in nursing. I also learned a lot about writing for the web, using WordPress, keywords, tags and SEO. And it opened doors to many opportunities to write books and blogs.

When About.com decided to disband the Nursing.About.com site, I was honored to move that content to my own Website and blog which I have combined into one site now - TheNursingSite.com


I also have a two Websites for skilled home health care nurses and professionals - HomeHealth101.com and Housecalls-Online.com. My primary role as a nurse has been working in home health care and hospice. I was a field nurse for many years. Then I moved into staff education and middle management and then into quality improvement (QI) and compliance. In these roles I have spent many years writing patient education materials and helping nurses learn to write and document better.

blogs include:

In the past few years, I have also contributed articles, blogs, and other materials to a variety of other nursing, health care and aging parents sites and publications.


In 2006, I wrote The Everything New Nurse Book. It proved to be so popular that in 2009, Adams Media repurposed it into 150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses. The Everything New Nurse Book Second Edition was updated and published in 2011. In 2014, this book was updated and and renamed The New Nurse Handbook.

In 2008, I turned my home health nursing knowledge and experience into a book called The Everything Guide to Caring for Your Aging Parents which was published in Feb. 2009. My eighty (plus) year old mom thought it was all about her, but actually she remained too independent for much of it to apply to her until she had to transition to hospice. I also authored The Everything Guide to Health Care.

In 2015 I completed my 7th book:
Exploring the Home Health Experience: A guide to Transitioning to Home Health Care.

All of my books are available from Amazon.com or you can order from me if you'd like an autographed copy. Supplies are limited and ship to the US only. (See

I have also done editing and copyediting for several publications for NAPNAP to combine white papers written by various authors and provide cohesive single voice to the final product.

Several years ago I was asked to serve on the board of medical reviewers for
Nucleus Medical Media to review and copyedit their educational materials.

In 2014, I copyedited the dark mystery
The Darkness Waits by Wesley Thomas. It’s available on Amazon.com.

I have edited updates to Kati Kleber's
Becoming Nursey and The Nurse's Guide to Blogging by Britney Wilson and Kati Kleber.

Currently, I have a course for learning the unique requirements of documentation in skilled home health care on Teachable.com. I also have a series of Podcasts on Podbean about the OASIS document for home health care. Periodically I update and add to these. I recently added a new course at Teacheable.com about learning to Care for Aging Parents.

For many years, I have written and desktop published newsletters for Realtors and other professionals, youth organizations, and various PTAs. I also designed and published websites for many of these same groups and individuals. You'll find some examples on my More from Kathy Quan page.

I have been married for over forty years to a wonderful man, Tim. He is my rock and my north!!! We have three terrific adult children and four fabulous grandchildren. They are all my life and my reason for being.

Please see the Copyright page for instructions if you wish to use any of my content.

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