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Kathy Quan has authored seven books and contributed to several other books and publications. Her books are all available on Amazon.com and most are available in Kindle format as well.
  • The Everything New Nurse Book
  • The Everything New Nurse Book 2nd Edition
  • 150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses
  • The Everything Guide to Careers in Health Care
  • The Everything Guide to Caring for Aging Parents
  • The New Nurse Handbook
  • Exploring the Home Health Care Experience: A Guide to Transitioning Your Career Path

CONTACT me to purchase autographed copies. But note I didn't ship internationally due to exorbitant costs. Some copies are very limited!
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As a skilled home healthcare and hospice nurse for years, I have compiled a comprehensive look into what you can expect to experience in the life of a home health care professional, and how to transition your career path. Purchase on Amazon.com. It's often found in the 100 Best Sellers: Home and Community Nursing

Or buy directly from me. (US addresses only) Contact me for details.

NOTE: The book DOES NOT address the OASIS form/process in detail. For more details on OASIS, see HomeHealth101.com and my Podcasts.
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Fall River Press bought the rights to the New Nurse Book and we did some major updates and reformatting in 2014. It's available from Amazon.com and in some Barnes & Nobel brick and mortar stores.

I have a few limited copies which you can purchase from me if you reside in the US. I don't ship internationally.
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I was thrilled to be asked by the publisher to write this book about Caring for Aging Parents. Having worked in home health and hospice for almost my entire career, and cared for my parents and in-laws for years, I had always wanted to share my knowledge and resources. It's available on Amazon.com
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Health care careers are growing faster than others and in this book I highlighted some of the most popular and fastest growing careers. It also provides general information about skills, qualities, and important about the unique lifestyle and expectations to survive in the health care field. Health care is a 24/7 job. Sick people don't take a break so you can celebrate holidays and birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can purchase from Amazon.com.
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This popular guide to students pursuing a career in nursing and those experiencing those first years can often be found on the top 100 Best Sellers - Nursing Issues, Trends and Roles . You can purchase your copy on Amazon.com. You can also purchase an autographed copy from me directly. I only ship to US addresses.
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Based on the success of The Everything New Nurse Book, the publisher repurposed it into 150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses as a quick guide to succeed at your first years as a nurse. It's available on Amazon.com. I have a limited number of copies available for shipping in the US only.
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Honored by LVNtoRN.net as # 9 of the Top 50 Must Read Nursing books in 2012… this was my first book to guide students into a career in nursing. It was so popular that the publisher asked for a Second Edition and repurposed it into 150 Tips and Tricks for New Nurses.

It's available on Amazon.com and you can purchase a limited number directly from me. (I only ship to US.)

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